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Kishu puppies"B"are born-23.10.2013 - Narodila se štěňátka Kishu vrh"B"
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3 boys/kluci  and   2 girls/holky -
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Last male puppy available - poslední volné štěňátko, kluk - 8,5 týdne

3,5 weeks old
3 weeks old pups:
11 days old:
girl 1 - 650g
Bizakura-go (美桜号)
Bi means beauty. Zakura means sakura, cherry blossoms.
Ten Bizakura means beautiful cherry blossoms
girl 2 - 655g
Benihime-go (紅姫号)
Beni means rouge or red. Hime means princess.
boy 1- 745g
Bushimaru-go (武士丸号)
Bushi means samurai.
 boy 2 - 910g
Benkei-go (弁慶号)
Benkei is a person's name. He lived in Kamakura era, around 800 years ago,
and was very strong. Then it means very strong dog.
 boy3 - 695g
Banzai-go  (万歳号)
Banzai means cheer. We shout "Banzai, Banzai" when we celebrate for something big.
1-4 days old 
girls                                                                                boys